We’d be wise to worry less about goblins

I like to kind of keep my eyes open and sort of look for things in the world and kind of think, “Oh, so it's like this, like at first glance? But if I take a hard look at it and really open my eyes, is there more to it?”
Like once I saw a crosswalk sign go from green to red, and right after that a car went by and I thought, “I was just about to go into the street, then that car came by, I could have been killed, but the crosswalk went red first. What is the universe trying to tell me?”
So, again, it was brought to my attention the level of unchecked ferocity in animals that we imagine are tame or domesticated, or bred into “submission.” Take the piglet for example? There's almost no sense of concern on its face for the person her mother is biting. Her pie-faced, blasé acceptance of matters is as horrifying as any goblin. We laugh at goblins, just because the word “goblin” is funny, but imagine seeing a real goblin and how scary that would be.
Now turn your attention back to the piglet. Down the line, after infection sets in, or emotional distress, what this piglet's mom is doing may kill the person who has this leg. Remember how scary a real goblin was earlier? A goblin who before you knew it was a real goblin was just a funny word for an imaginary thing?
Multiply that goblin horror by maybe a million and you've got a pig. Pigs are provably real. Now look at that pig's kid, the piglet, and imagine how things will be in a world run by the piglet's generation. A lot of contingencies till the worldwide pig takeover etc., etc., but. Just food for thought.
A lot of people will go, “Oh, but that piglet is embarrassed by his mom, she's gonna break the chain,” or whatever. Just, wake up.



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