Sail Tomorrow, Likely

The idea is that tomorrow I will float away with three other humans on a sail boat, from Opua, New Zealand, where I have been for a couple weeks. We've been prepping the boat and awaiting the best weather opportunity for the probably seven to ten day journey to Fiji. There is a spear gun, a chess set, and a Magic Bullet blender on board, among many other items.

The very idea of the undertaking is amazing, and stirs an imagination right up–that's what you're likely experiencing as we speak, a stirred up imagination. Many will be the time while reading accounts of my journey that you will experience an imagination stirring, so, you're welcome in advance for all of these vicarious experiences I'm offering here, and their associated feelings of at times mirth, wonder, suspense, horror, The Horror, malaise, ennui, and many other felt experiences I don't want to ruin for you by disclosing at this time. Here you already have a practical example of the soon to be experienced suspense.

You may want to notify your family and colleagues that you are reading a travel blog. Tell them to expect a distinctive lilt in your step in the coming weeks, a bit more nail-biting than usual–both just two examples of the associated behavioral manifestations which often crop up as after effects of these stirred imaginings you'll soon be experiencing.



One thought on “Sail Tomorrow, Likely

  1. I anticipate the stirrings of which you speak! I would would lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of your adventure. Be safe and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime voyage!

    And if you hear beautiful and sultry women songs drifting across the ocean’s breeze, for the love of God follow them and take pictures. I hear those naked-lady monsters are pretty hot, and it won’t be me the one who’s being eaten by them.

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