Just having a heck of a time at sea

Today, I made oatmeal today for everyone. In it, I put raisins, dates, honey, and cinnamon. I threw up for the first two days, but am 100% now. The stars are amazing at night in the middle of the ocean. We’ve traveled 399 miles, 745 to go. No wildlife other than birds. These birds are clearly insane. But to be fair to the birds, I’m not certain what is real, anymore. Vivid nightmares always. Captain Clark gave me a copy of The Fountainhead in a dream. He offered Atlas Shrugged as well, but I said I’d already ready it. A lie.

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One thought on “Just having a heck of a time at sea

  1. If you take an albatross and strap it to your head for three nights while you sleep, then wake in the morning of the third night before the stars have set, when the sun rises your seasickness will be cured forever. A giant petrel with an eye patch who was drinking kava stress-relief tea from a gourd he wore on a string around his neck told me this in a dream, so I’m certain it must be good advice. In any case, nothing asserts one’s fortification like oatmeal. I’m happy to hear that you’ve gotten to the making-oatmeal stage.

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