Saturday, May 18th, 2011

WHALE DAY…yes at a bit after 8 am an enormous whale surfaced a boat length away off to port….sort of a dirty gray and exciting and frightening at the same time. It disappeared briefly and then resurfaced double the distance away but still very close and this time you could make out its longer than Champagne length. We all saw it and will relish this memory.
Earlier Scott and I saw a foot look fish jump out of the water about the same distance and direction as the whale…..looked like a tuna perfect to fill a frying pan if we had had a 20 foot net to snag it

As of 1040 am today we have covered 517 kms with 627 to go an average of about 130 kms per 24 hour days. Current location; S 27 degrees 07 min , E 177 degrees, 47 min bearing 015 going 6.7 kts with 15 to 20 kts of wind on a port tack out of the west.

Brilliant work from my crew…Karl and Heather during their 4 to 8 am shift set the full 110 jib to be mostly reefed [rolled up] and with the single reefed main and staysail we are driving like a race horse through some sloppy seas at great speed and a lovely sunny sky and Karl’s delicious banana rolled up in pancakes treat for breakfast we are all smiling….even if the two of them are now sleeping.

-Captain Clark

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